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A ZOO climbing experience

How does the CLIMBOO park fit in?

ZOO is a unique place in the city. While its main purpose remains educational, it has to create new ways for visitors to have fun to compete with how and where people spend their free time. Families are usually the main target group. Children are easily impressed and convinced to come to the ZOO, but it takes far more effort to attract the teenagers. Usually, the ZOO has good playgrounds for small children, but is lacking the offer for older ones. Here lies another potential of how to increase the number of visitors and create a buzz around it.

By installing a CLIMBOO adventure park, the ZOO is creating a new attraction for the segment of kids & teens, mainly in terms of sports and fun. But it could also be upgraded, so children learn about the animals while overcoming challenges on the course.

The installation is very straightforward and operation even more. With the safest system on the market installed, both parents and park operators can have peace of mind (learn more about the safety here).

CLIMBOO mobile adrenaline park could be placed as apart of the existing playing area or locating it closer to the animals. It is a self-supporting installation, so no foundations are required.

The main benefits for a ZOO:

  • create an attraction for a target group that is lacking attendance
  • gain an excuse for people to visit you more often -> increase the overall number of visitors
  • create new revenue streams and up-sell on the existing ones
  • get a reliable and safe piece of equipment that a single person can operate (it is however recommended to have an assistant in rush hours or when dealing with groups)
  • make it part of the educational process about the animals
  • can be upgraded to fit all age groups (two-level park)

Family annual tickets?

ZOO is a great place for a family spend an afternoon. So much to see, so much to experience. The animals from encyclopaedia in real life. And so much time to have good fun. And annual tickets are usually relatively cheap... but as one kid is getting closer to teens, walking around the ZOO is simply not enough to return again and again.

Some thrill for the teenagers

But let's be honest - kids love to be close to animals, but they can't wait to get to the playground area of the ZOO. That's OK, they're kids. They have to burn that extra energy and test their limits. While playgrounds can be found all around the city, an adrenaline park, designed for kids, is something else. And you know what... adrenaline is addictive... in a good sense.

Combining learning and adventure

The adrenaline park (high-rope course) doesn't need to be just plain exercise. With just a few tweaks, it could become a learning centre where visitors need to mimic the movement of a certain animal to complete an individual course. By installing it close to the apes, one would feel the experience and appreciation what it takes to climb trees.

Could work well in combination with

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Revenue Models

 Increase in sale of main-gate tickets
 Sponsorship of park exercises

  Basic products

CLIMBOO adventure park (from 8 years)
CLIMBOO junior park (from 4 years)
CLIMBOO play-low park (for all ages)


Double-height park
+30% longer rope-course
Light-at-Night system
Theming of exercises
Wooden shack for equipment rental
Zip-line finish
Maze below the adventure park

  Business models

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