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Q&A: Safety

How safe is it?

If our CEO is willing to climb on a CLIMBOO park with his 5-year-old, I'll bet you it's safe. ;-)

Adrenaline parks are very strictly regulated by the EN 15567 standards. Where safety is the main concern.

With continuous belay system in place, users don't need to self belay. This makes the whole product even safer. Kids can use it without parental assistance - which we strongly encourage for building self esteem and develop motor abilities.

What safety equipment is used?

Only A-tested and certified safety equipment by respected European manufacturers is used. This includes brands such as Petzl, Singin Rock, Edelrid and DMM among others. For continuous belay system we partner with swiss-made Saferoller to create the best user experience on a park.

Equipment used: harnesses, helmets, dynamic lanyards, carabiners, safety trolleys, rescue set.

Is there any norm or standard for adrenaline park?

Adrenaline parks (high-rope courses, adventure parks) are very strictly regulated by a European standards EN 15567-1 and EN 15567-2 with all the normative references to other EN standards.

This is a set of rules and norms we need to follow to produce, install and operate an adrenaline park.

This European standard is more or less applied also in countries outside Europe. As usual, EU has set the highest standard for safety of the users.

What is a continuous belay system?

CLIMBOO park comes with a continuous belay system, which is recognised as the safest system on the market. Children from the age of four (4) can climb the park without parental assistance. Park can be, due to this system, operated by only one trained individual.

By using this system, a visitor gets attached to the safety cable on the ground level when entering the adrenaline park and gets detached after he/she reaches the ground on park exit. A visitor is therefore safe at all times during the activities on a high-rope course.

CLIMBOO is installing swiss-made Saferoller.

Benefits for park operators / owners:

The solution according to the highest safety standards
Higher throughput by peak means increase of park capacity (no loss of time with handling of carabiners - double clipping)
Allows to welcome all guests (from 4 years old), so broadening your customer base
Needs for instruction and supervision are significantly reduced
Low maintenance due to advanced design and small number of components
Low operating costs and higher return on investment


Get dressed & play - simplicity of use, almost no instruction or training
Maximum safety from start to finish (closed system with no double clipping)
Possible human error of attaching to safety rope (or detaching) is excluded

Q&A: Installation

Can I decide to move it to another location?

Yes, CLIMBOO is a mobile adrenaline park. It can be dismounted in a number of hours and ready for transportation by truck to a new location.

How simple is it to install one?

It takes about a day for a CLIMBOO installation team to do all the field works and fine tuning.

This is true if a selected location is suitable for the installation (read more about the ground structure for a park here).

Please note that installing an adrenaline park is not a DIY project and must follow regulations from the EN standard. At least one person from the CLIMBOO installation team should overlook the new installation of the park to confirm the safety of the elements installed. In other case, our warranty on the park structural elements will no longer be valid.

Can I add another module after a while?

At any time you can decide to extend your existing CLIMBOO adrenaline park with additional module(s).

The installation of a new module is a very good time to change some of the high-rope exercises to bring completely new experience to your adrenaline park.

Visit product page to explore various combinations of CLIMBOO modules.

Where can CLIMBOO adrenaline park be installed?

CLIMBOO was designed so it could easily be installed anywhere with zero-impact to the environment. In the city, on a beautiful meadow, along the beach, on a pure rock terrain - you can set it up anywhere...

In most countries you don't require a building or environmental permit to install a CLIMBOO. However you should check with your local authorities about a specific location you had in mind.


What should be the ground structure for park installation?

CLIMBOO steel structure is self-supportive and doesn't require any foundations. The ground should however have firm structure and be relatively flat.

There are three basic rules to consider:
- ground structure is not too soft,
- ground level is relatively the same for the whole floor area and
- there is enough height available (at least 6m for adventure park).

The material used for the ground should withstand dead load of 500 kg/m2.

If you need to install a CLIMBOO park on a soft ground, probably a pad foundations would be recommended. But it's very location specific matter.

Q&A: Operation

Who can operate such a park?

A CLIMBOO park must be operated by at least one trained individual. Training for a park instructor is provided by CLIMBOO and is not limited to how many people can be trained (within reasonable scope).

Depending on the frequency of the visitors at the location and group visits, it is recommended to have an additional assistant to the instructor for helping putting on harnesses and helmets.

The main role of an instructor is to check if the harness is well secured, attach him/her to a continuous belay safety system and help to pull an individual to reach the next exercise or let him/her down from the park with the rescue equipment.

How many park instructors do I need to run a park?

Since an instructor can see participants on adrenaline park at all times, only one trained individual is required to run a park.

In practice it is recommended that an additional person (not necessarily instructor) helps an instructor with the exchange of personal protective equipment (harness, helmet, lanyard) among park visitors. This is especially important when dealing with groups and during rush-hours to avoid unnecessary bottlenecks.

Do you provide education for park instructors?

Yes, we provide training of the CLIMBOO adrenaline park instructors, which includes park operation, equipment handling, necessary procedures to run a park and rescue.

One training is already included in the price of the CLIMBOO park. It's performed immediately after the initial installation of the park at your selected location.

Additional training is subject to a new inquiry.

Q&A: Production

What is the process from buyers perspective?

5 steps towards a CLIMBOO adrenaline park:
  1. YOU select the location for thepark, CLIMBOO helps you with the right business model
  2. YOU select the number of CLIMBOO modules and elements
  3. CLIMBOO team brings the park by truck and assembles it
  4. CLIMBOO handles certification of the park and education of your instructors
  5. TOGETHER we launch the grand opening of the park
The key advantage of CLIMBOO is its simplicity and the fact that you can place it on the right location where people already are. You can explore different business and revenue models here.

Are you a producer or a reseller?

In fact, we design, produce, resell and install CLIMBOO mobile adrenaline parks. Having control over every part of the process, we can guarantee quality, provide you with custom solutions and provide you with the complete solution for a high-rope course that you can put anywhere.

Our production office is in Kočevje, Slovenia.

If you would like to discuss a partnership or become a representative, please contact us.

Why don't you make adrenaline parks on trees?

Well, we very much like adrenaline parks on trees and branches. They are great fun and challenge at the same time! One of our partners is even one of the best in this business in Europe.

However we have different view on the matter. When you invest into the adrenaline park on trees, you usually can't select the central location. So after you open a park, you would need a nice marketing budget to get people to the park.

With CLIMBOO your focus is on the location. Location where people already are. So after you set up the adrenaline park (to select a location is usually not an obstacle), you don't need a new budget to start marketing the park.

You don't need an army of instructors to run a park properly. You create impulsive buying decision with very low-operating costs.

>> You can read here why we decided to use steel for the main structure.

>> Explore here how CLIMBOO can up-sell the "traditional" adrenaline park on trees.

How long does it take you to produce one park?

The production time for a CLIMBOO park without custom features is about a month after we receive your order confirmation.

After this it takes another week to produce all the tests and validate all the certificates.

Then it's ready for truck transportation and installation at your location.

Why is the main structure made of steel?

The main two reasons we decided for a galvanised steel structure for a CLIMBOO park is safety over time and predictability of the material in extreme conditions.

Galvanised steel structure is a "dead material" that doesn't get affected by cold, sun, moisture, salt and other extreme conditions that might occur. This is what makes it safe to use in basically any environment over a long period of time. Its initial static calculation should be still valid after 10 or 20 years, whereas with natural wood you can't be sure what's happening in the core of the structure.

Q&A: Usability

How safe is it for a child to use it?

By using continuous belay safety system (read more here about the advantages of the system), the human error of detach form the safety wire rope is diminished to a minimum.

A park user is at all times attached on the wire rope when on park and is therefore protected.

This is especially important for children so they don't have to think on anything else except how to tackle an exercise. This way they get to enjoy the adventure on the adrenaline park while we know they're safe.

Self-belaying or sometime referred as double-clipping can be a real burden for a kid. Even for an adult. Not to mention the safety issue. This is why we are not implementing it on a CLIMBOO park.

Can children use the park on their own?

CLIMBOO adrenaline park is designed so children from the age of four that can reach 140cm with extended hands can use it. But there is only one rule – child must be ready.

Some children are very agile, the other ones more cautious, more stiff. We recommend that on the first round an adult accompanies a child younger than 6 years. The height where attendees of the park are walking/climbing is 4 meters. An adult should go in front to show how individual rope course element is
successfully tackled.

The most important is to respect the child's fear and not force him to proceed if he doesn't feel comfortable. It's better to acknowledge the fear, tell him you understand and help him get off the park. When he's off the park, we should take another minute to talk to him and to let him watch other children who decided to take a go on the park.

It is all a matter of trust that you can't fall - feeling comfortable with the safety system in place.

Since CLIMBOO park has a continuous belay system in place (users of the park are always securely attached to the safety cable and can't detach by themselves), children can really use it on their own. This way a human error of belaying is diminished. The play on the park must involve risks, but should remain safe at all times – therefore exclude danger.

How many people can be on a park at the same time?

The number of people that are allowed to be on the park at the same time depends on the size of the park. To be more specific - depends on the number of platforms.

Two people can be on a platform at the same time and only one person per high-rope exercise.

It is important that an operator doesn't stuff as much people as possible to the park, as this could create bottlenecks. Some might need much more time to successfully tackle an exercise than others.

Is it only for children?

By all means, NO!

CLIMBOO is designed that even a child can use it. But that doesn't make it any easier for an adult to complete the course. It's all about the impact of the gravity and the selection of rope-course exercises.

The difficulty of the rope course determines if it's suitable for a child or for an adult. But there is a catch - most of the adult population is extremely afraid of heights, so in most cases there is no real difference. But some high-rope exercises require much strength and could be not suitable for kids.

Q&A: Sales and Aftercare

What is the warranty on your products?

Warranty includes:
  • 2 years on galvanised steel construction
  • 1 year on all steel and wooden elements provided with the park
  • 1 to 3 years on personal protective equipment (as stated by the manufacturer of individual piece of equipment)

Is it possible to upgrade a park after some time?

Of course. The park can be upgraded any time in the future with additional feature or by adding another CLIMBOO module to extend the size of the adrenaline park. The simplicity of CLIMBOO makes it modular and easily improved with new features.

Please note however that a custom upgrade may require a new static calculation for the main park structure.

Why are transport costs not included in the initial price?

CLIMBOO is usually transported from Kočevje, Slovenia (our production office) by truck. We also need to get installation and education team to your location.

This is a variable that is project specific. We will however give you a good estimate when preparing an offer for the complete project.

How can I become your official reseller?

If you would like to become an official country or regional representative (distributor, reseller) for CLIMBOO products, please contact us.

Our strategy is to build partnerships based on exclusive country representation agreements.

What is included in the price?

We provide a complete turn-key solution, so you can focus on business, not administration.
From order to operation in about four weeks.

This includes:

  • fully equipped CLIMBOO mobile adreanaline park
  • finding the business model that would best fit your project and location
  • park installation on location (excl. transportation costs)
  • high ropes excercises (select your favourites)
  • safety and rescue equipment, including ropes, harnesses and helmets
  • continuous belay system Saferoller® for maximum safety and simplicity of park operation
  • signs that guide and educate park users
  • certification according to the European standard EN 15567-1
  • education of park instructors
  • administrative and operative documentation
  • warranties (get detailed information here)

This way you can focus on the park operation the next day it is installed.

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