• Adrenalinski park,
    koji možemo postaviti bez lokacijskih ograničenja
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  • Rješenje "ključ u ruke"
    sa novim poslovnim modelima za adrenalinsko iskustvo bilo gdje

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Explore the combination of different modules, park sizes and exercises to get the best fit for you business model.

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Business models for high rope curses that work

New Business Models
That Work

Adrenaline parks are coming to cities, hotels, zoos, shopping malls and other places as an attractive new offer.

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Rope Course Modular and Mobile

So Many Questions?
Here are the answers.

How safe is it? Is it only for children? How many people do you need to operate such a park? Where is it produced? ...

Frequently asked questions

Where to use one?

CLIMBOO mobile adrenaline park can be installed at any location with no additional ground preparation. This opens up complete new spectrum of possibilities and opportunities. Think of it as: "Stop trying to get people to the park - bring park to where the people already tend to be."

Here you can explore some of the settings for a CLIMBOO park - which business models to use, how to upgrade a park - to explore different option to get the best return on your investment.

Get Them Climbing!

prof. dr. Rado Pisot

Rado Pišot, professor of kinesiology

Professor Pisot is an internationally renowned researcher in the field of kinesiology and a director of Science and Research Centre of the University of Primorska, Slovenia.

For thousands of years a human organism defied the force of gravity during phylogenesis. It adapted to an active way of living. As a result of today's rapid decline in the movement due to "sedentary" lifestyle, our organism can not follow to adapt to today's rapid technological development.

Tilen Bizal CŠOD Fara

Tilen Bižal, teacher

Tilen is a sports teacher at the outdoor activity school programme and operates the CLIMBOO adrenaline park for childern from 6 to 12 years of age.

Children enjoy climbing so much. But they often experience it for the first time at our facility. CLIMBOO adrenaline park is something they really like - to climb and excercise 4 meters above the ground on their own. With such a safety system in place, I know there's no danger involved.

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