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Shopping centres

Install the park where families do shopping

These days you expect a shopping centre to be crowded. And they usually are, especially the big ones. It's not just about shopping. There are many activities and services being offered to complement shopping. Children playgrounds and recreational centres are just some of it.

When you think of it, it fits to the CLIMBOO adrenaline park business model. "Bring the adrenaline park to where lots of people already tend to be." With a mindset of spending, you capitalise on the impulsive buying decisions. You know how kids annoy their parents until they say OK?

There are several options to set up a CLIMBOO park in the shopping area:

  • inside the shopping mall
  • converting part of the building or a warehouse to an indoor adrenaline sports centre
  • outdoor, next to the shopping centre

With CLIMBOO you don't need any additional permits to install it. And you don't need to do any building works also. It's self-supportive, mobile and modular.

Free media attention for the centre

Setting up an adrenaline park should be a win-win situation for both the park operator and the shopping centre. By creating such an attraction the centre will get lots of media and social media attention. This should result in higher popularity among the people.

So parents can go spending for themselves

When you upgrade it with child care, so parents can leave their children at the park and go shopping, it's a sure win. Because parents can not shop and spend while having bored, activity-saving children with them. The whole shopping area should be interested to have such a facility there.

Could work well in combination with

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adrenaline park in shopping centres

Revenue Models

 Child care per hour
 Sponsorship of park exercises

  Basic products

CLIMBOO adventure park (from 8 years)
CLIMBOO junior park (from 4 years)


Double-height park
+30% longer rope-course
Theming of exercises
 Light-at-Night system
 Shack for equipment rental
Maze below the adventure park

  Business models

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