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Schools and Kindergartens

Development of a healthy young individual

Computer or sports? Guess which one wins. It's an easy answer. The one that's more interactive. Where you don't have to activate full body and get tired. When you don't have to leave your home. 

Our duty is to let children (and sometimes force them) to be physically active while having fun. To try new things that involve taking risk on their own and be safe while doing it.

CLIMBOO proved to be interesting sports ground for kids. Both challenging and fun. Focus is on development of basic motor abilities - climbing, crawling, walking and running. It's used at school outdoor programmes and as a complementary sports activity in the primary school.

With continuous belay safety system installed it is safe as it gets. This way a teacher can rest assured everything will be fine even in case someone slips. This one would just hang in the air, fully safe and able to get forward.

CLIMBOO mobile adrenaline park could be placed as apart of the existing playing area or locating it next to school or kindergarten. It is a self-supporting installation, so no foundations are required.

Where to use CLIMBOO for schools and kindergartens:

  • outdoor school programmes and summer camps
  • additional sports activities as regular school programme
  • rent it to a group of kindergartens in a city

From one kindergarten to another

A CLIMBOO junior park is suitable to rent it to kindergartens. Assembly is quick, even two people can install it. To move it around doesn't cost us much in terms of labour hours. For children from 4 years it is an experience beyond imagination. They love to have challenge the safe way.

Combining learning and adventure

The adrenaline park (high-rope course) doesn't need to be just plain exercise. With just a few tweaks, it could become a learning centre where students can learn the geometry, physics and more. Moreover, CLIMBOO is trully modular. Teachers can also do creative classes where students create ideas about the new or upcycled high-rope exercises. Possbilities are limited only by the creativity.

Could work well in combination with

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Revenue Models

 Outdoor school programme & summer camp
 From kindergarten to kindergarten

  Basic products

CLIMBOO adventure park (from 8 years)
CLIMBOO junior park (from 4 years)
CLIMBOO play-low park (for all ages)


Double-height park
+30% longer rope-course
Light-at-Night system
Wooden shack for equipment rental
Zip-line finish
Maze below the adventure park

  Business models

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