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For owners of adrenaline parks

How to expand your business with CLIMBOO?

Adrenaline parks on trees (high rope courses) became increasingly popular over the past decade. It's a trilling experience. But it has two main flaws. The location is usually not the best, so people must decide in advance and take the whole afternoon and enjoy it. Secondly, since easy exercises are not popular, most of the courses are created for grown ups and kids could have hard time using it.

CLIMBOO mobile adrenaline park is tackling both issues. "Stop trying to get people to the park and bring the park where people already tend to be." As CLIMBOO can be easily installed anywhere in a days, location becomes a variable. You now go to the people and offer the similar experience.

As for the second concern. CLIMBOO is great for kids, but not for kids only. We had grown-ups screaming when they reached the first platform. Height is something a human being is not very fond of.

Yet our focus remains on kids. By using a continuous belay system, children from the age of four can use a CLIMBOO park on their own without parental assistance. For most of the 4 to 8 year-olds, a CLIMBOO Junior park is recommended. But then again, a 3 year-old climbed the higher adventure park with no problems :-)

Benefits if you already own an adrenaline park on trees:

  • expand your business in a new way that remains familiar to you
  • simplicity of operating the park (low number of instructors and low maintenance)
  • invest less in marketing and more in the right location for an adrenaline park
  • get a reliable and safe piece of equipment that a single person can operate (it is however recommended to have an assistant in rush hours or when dealing with groups)
  • great marketing tool to increase the number of visitors in your existing park (up-sell)

Adrenaline is addictive

By installing it in the city, you give people a taste what's waiting for them at your bigger adrenaline park. Up-sell and improve your overall revenues. A marketing tool that is creating extra revenues?

Could work well in combination with

Crowded Tourism DestinationsSchool Outdoor Programmes Shopping centresIndoor Facility - 365 Days

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Revenue Models

 Marketing tool for an exisiting park
    Sponsorship of park exercises

  Basic products

CLIMBOO adventure park (from 8 years)
CLIMBOO junior park (from 4 years)
CLIMBOO play-low park (for all ages)


Double-height park
+30% longer rope-course
Light-at-Night system
Theming of exercises
Wooden shack for equipment rental
Zip-line finish
Maze below the adventure park

  Business models

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