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Family Tourism Hot-Spots

Bring the excitement to a tourist destination

There is a seasonality component involved with family tourism. It's two to three months with focus on summer vacation.

But the beauty of this seasonality is that tourists are more willing to spend more for their kids to have good fun.

An adrenaline park experience is something new and exciting. Challenging and tempting. There is a lack offer at destinations for the kids from 6 years. Trampoline went mainstream and every tourism destination has it. Why not be different?

With modular, self-supportive structure, CLIMBOO can be installed anywhere, regardless of location. It can be an old part of town, next to the hotel, on the beach, even on the top of the building.

Usually one would employ seasonal workers to run a park. That's the beauty of CLIMBOO park. There is a continuous belay safety system installed. From a visitor's standpoint this means simple to use and perfect safety. For an operator of the park this means small number of instructors and exclusion of possible human error.

Benefits of an adrenaline park at tourism destinations:

  • present something new and exciting
  • can be installed on places with high frequency of people passing by
  • simplicity of operating the park (low number of instructors and low maintenance)
  • get a reliable and safe piece of equipment that a single person can operate (it is however recommended to have an assistant in rush hours or when dealing with groups)
  • invest less in marketing and more in the right location for an adrenaline park
  • make fast and stable returns on your investment
  • great marketing tool to increase the number of visitors in your existing park (up-sell)

What to do with the park after the main season

Operating a CLIMBOO park during 2 to 3 months of high season should make a good profit. For the other part of the year you can relocate it to another location. So you combine different business models to get the most out of your investment.

Could work well in combination with

adrenaline park next to the beachSchool Outdoor Programmes Up-sell your exisiting bigger adrenaline park on treesIndoor Facility - 365 Days

kids want to have fun and challenge themselves

Revenue Models

 Marketing tool for the bigger park
 Sponsorship of park exercises

  Basic products

CLIMBOO adventure park (from 8 years)
CLIMBOO junior park (from 4 years)


Double-height park
+30% longer rope-course
Light-at-Night system
Theming of exercises
Wooden shack for equipment rental
Zip-line finish
Maze below the adventure park

  Business models

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