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Birthday parties

Create a unique birthday adventure

Do you know a kid who doesn't want to invite all his friends from school or kindergarten to his or her birthday? In the city, it's a great challenge for a parent to find something new and intriguing for the party.

It has to be something that's challenging - for he or she is a one year older and wants to grow up fast...

It has to be fun for all. And it has to be an experience that every kid attending will remember and talk about.

It has to be simple to operate. More important - it has to be easy, fun and safe to use.

That's all the features of a CLIMBOO mobile adrenaline park. To take into account different age groups, a combination of CLIMBOO Junior and Adventure modules works best.

Benefits for a birthday party organiser:

  • unique attractive new offer
  • effective word-of-mouth marketing
  • perfect safety
  • ease of operation (requires one instructor and one assistant to handle a group of 20)
  • complete turn-key solution and training provided by CLIMBOO
  • possibility to grow in stages by adding new modules

Add a module or upgrade it with a maze or another level

As CLIMBOO is mobile and modular, you can start by investing first in a double park, which is good, but not spectacular. After your business gets going, add a Junior module, upgrade a park with a maze, add a second level or change the exercises to get completely new experience.

Interactive games on a park

By adding a challenge that resembles a team-building programme, the park is no longer just a course. It becomes a game, a competition, a group bonding adventure. Something that involves an individual to help achieve a common goal and feel good about it.

Could work well in combination with

ZOOSchool Outdoor Programmes Shopping centresIndoor Facility - 365 Days

Birthday party on adrenaline park

Revenue Models

    Marketing tool for an exisiting park
    Sponsorship of park exercises

  Basic products

CLIMBOO adventure park (from 8 years)
CLIMBOO junior park (from 4 years)
CLIMBOO play-low park (for all ages)


Double-height park
+30% longer rope-course
Light-at-Night system
Shading on platforms
Theming of exercises
Wooden shack for equipment rental
Zip-line finish
Maze below the adventure park

  Business models

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